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Lake Bled in the Julien Alps in Slovenia is what I imagine a Disney fairytale garden is like; nature preserved and encouraged to flourish in all it's glory. With mountains, castles, islands & forests, this location offers a number of possibilities for your wedding (and for making the trip into a holiday). Whether you want an intimate elopement, hiking to the top of the hills, or want to splash the cash on a fancy venue, Lake Bled has it all.

The Lake itself is a wonder to behold, its clear waters serenely kept pure as no electric boats are allowed. So if you do decide to get married on Lake Bled Island, one part of the experience is hiring a traditional oarsman to row you across. This island also has a quaint old church right at the top, and a tradition for grooms to carry their brides up the 99 steps! But we are all about those modern traditions, so grooms & grooms, brides & brides, get involved and get your other half up there!

Of course if you're looking for a true fairy tale location for your wedding then check out Lake Bled Castle. Steeped in history, with unbeatable views, the Castle offers a totally unique setting - just think of your wedding video & photos! You can have a civil ceremony here and handily host your reception too; as the castle restaurant can seat up to 120 guests on it's beautiful terrace.

Wait, there's more potential venues you ask!? Absolutely. Two more places to check out include the swanky Vila Bled - an exclusive use mansion with on site accommodation for up to 60 guests. And not forgetting the Grand Hotel Toplice, a venue in which you can really spoil your guests and then relax; soaking up the medicinal properties of the thermal spring at its base. Whatever you're into, there's a wedding for you at Lake Bled (and we would love to capture it all on video for you!).



If you're planning an elopement in Europe, then I wish you luck in narrowing down potential locations - the opportunities are endless! So (warning! curveball about to be thrown right at you) why not check out the remote Lofoten Islands, located in Northern Norway. 

What a place to experience with the love of your life, never mind get married in! With mountain peaks and arctic fjords, the Lofoten Islands are a paradise for those who love hiking, being by the sea and surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery (all things completely up the Mustard Team's street who would be honoured to film your wedding!). 

Experience the midnight sun (where the sun literally does not set between April & August) or the magical colours of the northern lights. Accommodation wise if the two of you want a quaint and cosy spot, check out the 'Rorbu' - seaside cabins to you and me. 

It's worth mentioning that Humanist ceremonies are legally binding anywhere in Norway (just like Scotland & Ireland) so you are not limited by rules and regulations here.

And of course, one of the best things about eloping to Lofoten Islands is that it becomes your special place; where the two of you can visit for years to come, to holiday and reminisce over your wedding, ahhh :)





Greece in general is a fantastic place to host a really memorable wedding; but Antiparos in the Cycladic Islands in particular is a dream location. Favoured by artists and free spirits, the warmth of the weather and the locals makes it such a feel good place to be.


The good news is that the island is pretty well set up for weddings already, with lots of venues and suppliers to choose from (handily put together in a list on the web page listed below). Of course you've chosen your videographer already, just let us know when and we will see you there.

If looking to get married between May - September then you can pretty much count on amazing weather. Giving you the option of an outdoor reception/party to look over the stunning views and sunsets.


There are lots of quaint churches on the Island, and you can add your own Greek touches like green olive branches for decor, traditional music for dancing and drink mastiha made only in Greece. You can also organise boat trips for you and your guests, making your wedding even more special. Sounds like heaven right? Go tell your partner you've found the perfect place for your wedding!



In North-West France there lies the pefect location for a destination wedding: Le Morimont. A hotel with traditional barn and other spaces such as a terrace, forrest and courtyard, the options to tailor your wedding to you and your guests are fantastique.

The rustic barn is really beautiful as is but you could go wild with the decor here too. You are in the heart of the French countryside so there might just be some  of the prettiest flowers you've ever seen available, not sure though... Oh wait yeah they have a dedicated florist who can source fresh flowers from Le Morimont Flower Farm! And it sits up to 250 guests so if you're planning on going big, this could be the very place!

When you book Le Morimont it's for exclusive use, meaning all of the venue will be available for you and yoru guests only. There's enough onsite accommodation for up to 47 people, and your weekend hire includes breakfast for everyone too.


Back to the countryside aspect, there is a lot of space at this venue for you and your guests to relax in and really get into the French way of living for a weekend. Plenty of time to take photo & video of happy people in scenic surroundings then. Just think of the food (all of which is sourced locally and seasonally) and then there's the wine! Best do as the French say then: Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup - Eat well, laugh often, love abundantly. 




Get ready to feel the warm sand between your toes and sip on ice cold cocktails at your very own beach party wedding on the island of Vela Stupa in Croatia.

Less of the formalities and more of the fun, Moro Beach Stupe hosts weddings for those seeking a more relaxed, boho vibe but with all of the good food and drink you would want to properly celebrate. This includes lots of fresh fish and renowned wine from the same area.

Have your ceremony outside on the pebble beach overlooking the turquoise blue waters, and celebrate in unique style afterwards with your first swing in the sea as a married couple, why not.

If you are looking to spend quality time with your nearest and dearest at your wedding then this tiny little island in the adriatic sea is the place. Not forgetting how stun-ning your photos and wedding video would be!



If you’re planning a destination wedding in Europe and are looking to invest in us, you'll get 100% of our time, enthusiasm and expertise. Get in touch below for our availability.

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