Digital story-telling by an independent video content agency based in South Lanarkshire.

Video is dominating digital marketing because it's the most engaging way to communicate your story to your customers. And the video content you produce, reflects upon your brand. If your production looks high quality & professional, is engaging & easily accessible to its audience, it speaks volumes.

That's where we can help. But why should you work with us? We're a team of experienced videographers & photographers with a  passion for great content.


We've worked on all kinds of projects for corporate clients big & small and have additional experience in sound production, marketing & graphic design. Which all comes together when planning the bigger picture for your content.


Where salivation is the ultimate goal, the food videos we create for restaurants, cafes and doughnut shops need to look good enough to eat.

A lot of planning goes into these shoots to work with chefs, waiting staff and proprietors to film in the most efficient time possible. The last thing we want is to disrupt your regular customers.

This style of video is extremely impactful on social media, often gathering thousands of views, & motivates 

watchers to book tables, view menus or pop down and purchase.

The audio aspect is just as important as the visual, stimulating even more senses, and is a key aspect to getting our edits right.


Videos for events big or small, we cover events throughout the UK and worldwide.

Our team has provided video & photo packages for a number of different events. From Scottish Government conferences, to the Abu Dhabi Science Fayre.

We think the magic of an event lies within those who take the experience of it home, so capturing natural reactions, or interviewing 

attendees for feedback creates impactful media.

Our clients use our event photos & videos to promote ticket sales and raise awareness year on year. Meaning their content needs to stand out on their Instagram and Facebook feeds.

We can also turn around video content for your social media in under 24 hours should you need it to promote the launch of your opening night. 


Videos of your hotel or venue really showcase that amazing space you've got. Like a, "woah, I could totally host a music festival here" kind of showcase.

We help venues all over the UK promote their spaces to their key audiences. From hotels with large conference facilities to leisure warehouses that want to transform into spaces that host markets.  

A regular client of Cue The Mustard is The Hilton UK. It's hotels provide much more than a weekend break, and their marketing director wanted to convey this through its content.

We've worked on staged wedding shoots to create a suite of photo & video to showcase these spaces at their best. We've provided drone footage to promote it's on-site golf courses, and captured its celebrity chefs (including Nick Nairn) in their kitchens.

Anyway, we've worked with artists such as Rich Kass - an insanely talented drummer - to document his time in the studio as well as creating promotional videos for his drumstick sponsor Vater, which has been viewed worldwide.

Whatever vision you might have in mind, we are totally up for making it come to life.

Musicians are great to work with. Always passionate about their craft we love getting to document it all.


Some of the most creative projects stem from musicians, from live performances to studio-set videos that accompany albums, Cue the Mustard love being able to push the boundaries. Those slow-motion cymbal hits in particular really getting us going... 


Helping charities, non-profits, NGO's and community groups tell their story via great content is one of our favourite things to do. 

There are a lot of great people out there carrying out selfless deeds and transforming the lives of others, but sometimes they need help to promote the amazing work that they do.

Capturing their actions on photo or on video can really help these groups not only showcase their work but also reach a bigger audience online and have a better impact.

We've helped organisations create content that accompanies funding applications as well as interview pieces with those affected by their work.


corporate videos.

training videos.

online course content.

wedding videos.

television advertising.

recruitment videos.

drone & aerial filming.

company videos.

demonstration videos.

story boarding.

hotel film promotion.

festival coverage.

educational videos.

motion graphics.

music videos.


cinema advertising.

editing services.

drone & aerial filming.

restaurant & food video.

event videos.

live streaming.

e learning content.

multicam filming & edit.

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