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1. Different perspectives

Making your product video stand out on social media can be challenging. So if you can stop someone scrolling in their tracks with a “woah, how did they do that?” then you know it’s going to get people talking about your brand! 

Shooting things from a different perspective, making the impossible possible (without CGI!) is a trend that’s on the up. Maybe because we’re seeing a shift on seeing things differently in society, and brands are following in suit. Maybe it’s because thanks to newer technology, as motion controlled rigs have become better and more accessible (more on this below).


For us, it’s been a mix of both and we’ve loved the creative challenges we’ve been tasked with for our product videos!

2. Stop motion

When it comes to product videos, nothing quite brings an object to life like stop motion. Making a nacho dip itself into some cheese dip or a bottle of whisky unwrap itself; there's something a bit magical about products moving on their own accord.

Giving an inanimate object a personality, particularly food or a traditionally more formal brand, really injects the into your adverts or social media content. So it's no surprise that stop motion is trending for product video right now!


A lot of patience, slow & very precise movements, as well as a calculated plan of how many shots you're going to need for your final video.

But as you can see the end product is so worth your time and investment!


You might have noticed there's been a trend towards a lot of creative, fast paced & unusual camera movements in product videography. With the developments in motion control equipment and specialist lenses, videographers now have the chance to replicate what previously could only be done by  film/TV productions or CGI in their product videos.

Now thanks to computerised gimbals and tracks, you can film from anywhere and get truly unique perspectives. You can also repeat exact movements over and over again for precision, resulting in a high end look.

Specialist lenses such as the probe lens (a thin, long macro lens over a foot long that is also waterpoof) allow us to go inside bottles and through liquids to create "wow!" shots. 


A trend that's taking ordinary product videos and elevating them into pieces of visual art is shadow play.


I'm talking about the resurgence of the focus on the dynamic between light and dark. There's something timeless about going back to basics, and why videographers use the same lighting techniques across productions. 


It might seem like a strange juxtaposition; focussing on shadows to highlight products in your video, but don't underestimate how much attention it can direct.

Ultimately this look won't work for all product videos, but it is particularly effective for high-end products in lucrative markets: it just looks so good!

5. FUN!

In these difficult times we are living in, your product video can have a huge impact on people simply by making them smile. There's a lot to be said for making fun a core element to your video!

Whether that be giving objects their own personality or taking them on an adventure, product videos that create a fun and unexpected narrative really engage their viewers.

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