Cue The Mustard is a creative video production agency. Established in 2017


Essentially, we like to make great looking content. We get excited when an idea translates from a random thought into a piece of magic mustard motion.


We don't take ourselves too seriously. and we like to have fun during the production process. We will indulge any ideas you might have, the crazier the better, as it might just lead to something absolutely brilliant.

Cue The Mustard is an inclusive company with fairness, compassion and equal opportunity at its core.


We believe in communities, and revel in any opportunity to help people grow. We love seeing our clients projects, products and events bloom, it is so inspiring.  

We value expertise & time, support creativity & learning and continually push for collaboration & communication.


If this sounds up your street then we'd love to discuss your project and create some content together.